ELLEMENTT products are works of art, inside and out, aesthetically and functionally. We believe so firmly in the principle of “buy once and buy well” that all Chef Select mills are guaranteed to perform well over their entire lifetime.

If they don’t, we’ll repair or replace them.* How many mills will you buy in a lifetime? Research tells us most people who cook buy several mills over several years, and even when new, the mills don’t function as well as hoped. If this is true for you, a quality mill purchase from ELLEMENTT can save you money in the long run and function as precisely over the years as the first time you used it. It will also be kinder to the environment, since it is made using sustainable methods and should never end up in a landfill. To learn more about our philosophy toward products, check out the ABOUT US page. Thank you for weighing this thoughtful purchase.

* Our guarantee covers proper function under appropriate use and care. Abuse that results in dents, deep scratches and/or other physical abnormalities affecting function is not guaranteed for repair or replacement. All products age and develop a patina of normal use over time. This is also not covered by our guarantee. If you want your product serviced for any reason, including those not covered by our guarantee, please send your inquiry through the CONTACT US page. Whenever possible, we will accommodate service requests not covered by the guarantee for a nominal servicing fee.